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The New Product Of Jiesheng Hardware

We can offer professional Manufacturing and exporting service, OEM/ODM for screws, nuts, cnc machine parts and metal gifts in China. All the precision metal parts manufactured by CNC Lathe & Milling Machine Center. We are specialized in the followings fields:

1. CNC machining;  2. Stamping;  3. Forging;  4. Precision Casting;  5. Customize Items;  6. Die Casting
Now we have developed a new product - hand spinner .The goal of a fidget toy is to fiddle with it. Just spin it silently instead of clicking a pen or flipping a lighter and irritating your surroundings. Some people even say that fiddling can help you concentrate.
Fingertip gyro is a hot US toy! With the opponent's toys on the player's enthusiasm, this products are very hot in Europe and the United States market.
This fidget spinner is made from copper and brass metal, it’s ultra compact, and it uses only a single bearing to work its magic.
Copper Tri Spinner Fidget Hand Toy EDC Desk Focus ADHD Metal Brass.

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